Woman of War (3rd edition)

Паперова: 150 грн.
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Автор: Анна Шила (Anna Shyla) Мова видання: англійська Мова оригіналу: українська Перекладачі: Ольга Загородня, Ганна Крапівник Обкладинка: тверда Кількість сторінок: 416 Жанр: Історична література, мемуари,щоденники Серія: Воєнні щоденники Рік видання: 2020 ISBN: 978-966-03-9122-2

Woman of War is the first attempt to write about the military conflict on the East of our country in the light of women stories. The book contains 31 stories. Each story is based on real-life events narrated by real-life women — paramedics, volunteers, journalists, and servicewomen who have gone to the front line to fight for their Homeland. The author tells their hard fates, but at the same time, each heroine is a composite character displaying life and emotions of many female warriors. The women are speakers of Ukraine. Their voice is worth hearing and paying heed to.

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