Folio publishers: TIME TO READ!

Folio publishers was founded in 1990, which makes it the oldest private publishing house in Ukraine. Focus area: Ukrainian and foreign fiction, crime stories, books on history, philosophy, memoirs, travel guides about Ukraine and literature for children. Among the world-known authors published in Folio are Jeffrey Archer, Robert Harris, Umberto Eco, Albert Camus, Herman Hesse, Orhan Pamuk and many others. 

We also publish the most popular Ukrainian authors such as Andriy Kurkov, Iryna Lobusova, Georgiy Pochepzov and many others. We highly recommend literary fiction and retrocrime stories especially about Kyiv and Odesa (more than 20,000 sold) writen by Galyna Gorytska, Lada Luzina and Iryna Lobusova. Among non-fiction, the best series are books written by Georgiy Pochepzov on topics such as propaganda, media, TV influnecc on our mind, fakes and so on. We also offer children’s books by the most famous Ukrainian author Andriy Kurkov. For people interested in modern day Ukraine we have a wide range of travel guides, written by real tour guides. Folio publishers is the market leader in literature about the Russian-Ukrainian war.


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