Chronicle of the War 2014-2022. First six months of full-scale aggression (24.02.2022—24.08.2022)

Compiling by Doctor of History, Professor V. Voronin

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Автори: Олександр Красовицький (Oleksandr Krasovytskyy) Мова видання: англійська Мова оригіналу: українська Перекладач: Микола Дем’янов Обкладинка: тверда Кількість сторінок: 480 Формат: 84х108 1/32 Жанр: Суспільно-політичне видання Серія: Хроніка Рік видання: 2023 ISBN: 978-617-551-283-8

The documentary chronicle of Russia’s full-scale invasion into Ukraine reminds the reader of the tragic and heroic events of the first six months of the hot phase of the war, from February 24 to August 24, 2022. The enemy planned а “flash war”, killing civilians and destroying cities, but Ukrainians heroically resisted.

The Kremlin failed to implement the plan of rapid capture of Ukraine and change of power in the country. The main obstacle for the invaders was the unity of Ukrainians and the resilience of the Armed Forces of Ukraine together with other defense forces of Ukraine, and the price of resistance was thousands of civilian casualties, ruined lives of millions of Ukrainians due to the loss of loved ones, homes, former lives.

The war has created new economic risks. The world is threatened by fuel and food crises. Our incredible resistance to the aggressor has opened the eyes of the West, the EU, and NATO to what Russia and its “second army of the world” really are. The level of solidarity of Europeans with Ukrainians is unprecedented. Ukrainians are defending the peace of Europe with arms in their hands.

The book chronologically arranged publications of daily news, and reports from official sources.

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