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Автор: Олександр Красовицький (Oleksandr Krasovytskyy) Мова видання: українська Мова оригіналу: російська Перекладач: Микола Дем’янов Обкладинка: м'яка Кількість сторінок: 192 Формат: 84х108 1/32 Жанр: Літературно-художнє видання Серія: Окреме видання Рік видання: 2023 ISBN: 978-617-551-574-7

In the novel Yesterday, Oleksandr Krasovytskyy (b. 1967) explores historical events through the perspective of alternative history. The author presents a different scenario to better understand real occurrences. The novel speculates on how different outcomes in the aftermath of the 2014 Maidan protests could have influenced subsequent events. Specifically, if President Yanukovych had not fled to Rostov, would Russia have decided to annex Crimea and initiate military operations in Donbas? Furthermore, would a large-scale Russian-Ukrainian war have erupted on February 24,2022?  The characters in the book delve into the past seeking the underlying causes of the present-day developments.

The historian predicts an imminent catastrophe that will engulf the entire world. He knows the time and participants of these events and wants to warn the world about the danger. But will the West believe his predictions? Can the historical experience of the past prevent mistakes in the future?

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